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 Transform Body “Stuckness” – and Create New Freedom in Your Movement and Actions

“I will not live an unlived life.”  Dawna Markova

Are you ready to live life fully??

People who are experiencing tightness, pain, and other kinds of body “stuckness” that holds them back, enjoy working with me to transform that stuckness into something that they can work with – and thus get UNSTUCK.

We then use what emerges to explore and create new freedom and ease in your movement and in what you do.

Do you suffer from back pain?  Tight, painful neck and shoulders?  Do you sense you are tighter or that you move less well than other people – but you are not sure how or why?

Have you tried everything under the sun to figure these things out and change them – but nothing has worked or lasted for you?

Take heart!

We look at what you can learn about why this thing that feels so stuck is actually important to your body – and how it is just “doing its job” to keep you safe and keep you going.  THAT is likely why it is so persistent!

From there, we work together to explore how to open new choices and new avenues for action – that feel SAFE, and REASONABLE, and that WORK – for You.

And throughout it all, you get to listen to your own smart  body, to feel what’s best for you.  THIS is where the magic is.  This is how your body learns easiest – and best.

Shiraz Rippin' it 2This opens you up to live life fully, and engage in your world with power and pizzazz.   So that  you can do what you want – and FEEL GREAT doing it!

Imagine – easier, freer golfing, lifting up your kids, yoga, running, shoveling, paddling, gardening, singing… what do you want, for you??

Since my teens, I have been fiercely committed to help people feel good and be able to do what they want – with skill, style and enjoyment.   That passion to help you be strong and able to bust out and shine and laugh and have fun, has continued throughout my life.

Through careful listening, I learn what matters most – for you, and guide you as you free yourself from bracing and movement patterns that no longer serve you well.

As you come to understand and break through what is holding you back, and then step into what you are truly capable of , you create lasting change, grounded in your own experience – your own truth.Forelock slide from front medium

I also work with horses and riders, guiding you as you help your horse to release tightness, change behaviour, and love working with you.  Through body work, ground work, and work in the saddle both you AND your horse will discover how to work with more ease, balance, and confidence.

In all my work, I happily demystify the “body science” that underpins the success of these changes.

Even more, I love witnessing the MAGIC that happens when you discover that “YES!  I am stronger than I thought!  I have ease and comfort!  I can move freely and well!  Woooohooooooo – watch out, world!”

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back…” Rainer Maria Rilke

K and V looking at shoulderYou can feel confident engaging me to guide you.  I am a movement expert with more than 30 years experience.  In addition to currently being a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner® since 2007,  and a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner since 2006, I was a certified fitness professional from 1982 to 2016, becoming a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders in the 1990’s.

As well, in 2016 I completed Kathy Kain’s “Touching Trauma: Touch Skills Training for Trauma Therapists” program which is grounded in the Somatic Experiencing work and builds on that further to work with trauma that is stuck in the body.

I have a B.A. in Geography and a Professional Teaching Certificate from Simon Fraser University.  I am currently a member of the North American Training Accreditation Board of the Feldenkrais Guild of North America®.

In my leisure time, I love being out with my big black mare,  stand-up paddle boarding on the ocean and lakes and rivers,  being out in the forest, and learning about new stuff that intrigues me.

I live with my husband Ross in Deep Bay, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia.  We have a wonderful adult daughter, Kerstin.  My spirited big black Canadian horse, Shiraz, also wants to be mentioned as do our two handsome cats – Cisco and Max.


Discovering, and trusting, your own ability to create goodness and choice for yourself is life-changing.

You’ve got things to do that are calling your name.  You want to be your true amazing self, able to answer that call with strength and freedom and comfort and confidence.  

Let’s make that happen!

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Here is a video of me with my mare Shiraz, to give you a little peek at one of my passions that feed my soul!

I look forward to meeting you!