BRING IT! Being ALL of Who You Are

In this video, we explore what I call "frames of reference" about how the world works... and about what is POSSIBLE. For example, I have quite a variety of these: - I have a strong "science-y" background and grounding in anatomy, physiology, how the nervous system works, physics, biomechanics, and more. - I also have [...]

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If “Relaxing” Makes You Agitated…

For some people, trying to relax ends up feeling like anything BUT relaxing.  Calming down, or "relaxing", might actually feel quite agitating - and your body may actually start to rev up instead of become calmer. If this describes you, then this video is for you! :-) Our bodies are smart.  And if you get [...]

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Get Down :-) The Ground is Friendly!

Well now, I HAD planned for and prepared a video all about "What if 'relaxing' makes you anxious??"   However, then a new topic LEAPED into place here, wanting to go first.  So, that is how it shall be :-) The other will come next week, as the "bonus" for August, since August has 3 Tuesdays [...]

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The Power (and the Gift!) of being truly Present

Often, "simply" being really present - right here, with whatever is happening right now - is one of the most powerful gifts that you can be and give.  For someone you are with... and for yourself. This is not some woowoo state, or something that takes years to learn and cultivate.  It is something that [...]

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Learning Through Your Body

Today, a "Guest" Presentation!  With Robyn Hood and a great little horse Woohooo!  Something different and fun for you this week. Here is Robyn Hood (a Tellington TTouch® master instructor, and sister of Linda Tellington-Jones) demonstrating the Tellington TTouch way for how to work with a young horse (in this case, a 2 year old) [...]

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Is Socialization Undermining Your Strength and Comfort?

We are social creatures.  We depend on our social groups (such as families, friends, people we work with) for safety, and companionship.  This is especially so when we are young.  But it is also the case once we are grown up.   So - we learn how to "fit in". And we do that "fitting in" [...]

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Are you Stuck? You are not “Defective” :-)

Do you have some kind of stubborn, recurring or continuous tightness, or pain, or injury - that just comes back and/or sticks around no matter WHAT you do that is supposed to help it go away? If your answer is "yes", and it is not something that is clearly a medical issue (like a broken [...]

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Lifting Stuff

It's great to have fun doing stuff, like gardening and paddle boarding and biking and hiking and playing with your kids or grandkids. But then comes the moment.... when you have to LIFT something in order to do those things.   Lift your kids into a shopping buggy.  Lift that bale of peat moss for the [...]

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