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Thanks for your interest in Council 7 – Embody the Seven Directions! Here is some information to introduce you to us, the facilitators of the remarkable journey that is opened up through Council 7.

About Kerrin McIntosh

About Kerrin – a Story Bio
I was staring at this huge gash in the earth.
My brother says, “Aw, it’s nothin’ but a big hole in the ground!”
I, on the other hand, am having an overwhelming, full on, Visceral, mind, body, heart and Spiritual experience of Complete and Utter AWE!

To me, it was Profound!

We were standing at the edge of The Grand Canyon!
I was 2 years old. This is my First Memory.

Two years later, at the age of 4, “They” showed me My Soul. Our language just does not cut it to describe how Incredibly Magnificent it is. I felt something very similar to my experience of the Grand Canyon. As soon as I knew and felt what I was seeing, I also knew that people just would not understand – it was too big, too bright – so I began to hide it.

In those same few moments, I was also given the ability to see other people’s Souls. In fact, it is the first thing I sense and connect to when I meet people.
I can See and Feel and ‘Talk’ to your Soul. This is my Gift.

Of course I didn’t understand this right away….It took me decades of learning, growing, screwing-up, heartbreak and healing, Ceremony and Sacrifice, and Many, Many Good Elders, Guides, Coaches, Mentors, all forms of Wise Ones, and many different Teachings before I understood how to use the Gifts my Soul came here to use.

I began to know that what I see is all the things that are keeping you from seeing and knowing your Own Soul. What I do is guide you through the crazy obstacle course of your life. See, we all have wounds, and poor me stories, limiting beliefs and history. In today’s world, most of these end up becoming the Obstacles that get in the way of our Dreams and Desires. The truth is, these are all things that prevent you from being able to see and connect with and Feel your Soul. These are the things that stop you from Deeply Knowing who you Really are.

So together, we go through this obstacle course of your life. Sometimes we face these obstacles Head On, sometimes we go around, or over, or under, or find a back door. Heck, we may even blast them with a spray gun to clean them up, and sometimes they just dissolve like Magic.

When you come out the other side, your stories have changed, your wounds become tools, your limiting beliefs become wisdom. Sometimes even your Past Life Hang overs, and Family history get a make over.

The most Amazing part though, is you get to Meet your Soul. And once you have met your Soul, then you Know Who You Really are. And with this knowing comes a Deep Feeling of Contentment. And it doesn’t matter what else life tosses your way, you get to carry this Deep Contentment around with you.

And It Stays. It just stays with you. And It’s Magic!

This is the Gift I bring.

About Violet van Hees

Life is for living. Fully, fiercely, richly, deeply.  With pizazz.  And with a deep appreciation of all the crazy spectrum of experiences that make us who we are.

I help you to notice and bring forward the voices of your mind, heart, inner wisdom and gut feelings, so that you understand your own experiences and can work with your own self with kindness and compassion.

I personally love feeling easy solid flowing strength within myself.  And I love DOING stuff … stuff like white water paddling, hiking, hanging out with my horse, and swing dancing with my daughter.     I also love helping you discover YOUR strength – inside and out, and your ability to move and do what YOU love and want with more freedom, ease, and FUN.

In what some may view as a conundrum I am both very practical and science-y AND my world includes a whole lot of very interesting spirit animals and other guides.  So, life is never boring!

Are you a person who is intrigued by what is deep within in you – and how to be Real – and this whole business of being a human, in a body, on this earth???

Are you curious to know and work with ALL of who you are:  the light and the shadow?  The colour and the greyness??  The bigness and the smallness???

Together with you, I help you call on your own inner intelligence and heart and knowing, so that you can walk more fully and comfortably and confidently on this earth, in a way that feels right – to you.

I walk with you on your journey:

  • I say Hello to who you are, deep inside.
  • I don’t carry you, or offer to carry what is yours to carry.
  • I may nudge you to check out something new and different that surprises you (so that, for example, you can kick start your neuroplasticity into action and learn to do new things).
  • I DO open windows and doors, as you explore.

THIS is the journey I offer to walk with you, as we work together.

A few quick facts:

  • I live in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada (up beside Alaska).
  • I have been a Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2007, and I love the creative genius of this stuff – and how it opens us to so much freedom in how we move, what we do and who we are.
  • I became a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner in 2006, and I so very deeply appreciate the kindness and intelligence of this work (plus – it WORKS so incredibly effectively!)
  • I completed Kathy Kain’s excellent and practical Touch Skill Training for Trauma Therapists course (15 days) in 2016.
  • I help people (and animals) to transform stuck and painful places into newfound freedom and vitality, through assisting them to naturally release old stuck traumas and stressors in their body.
  • I became a certified fitness instructor in 1982 (the Jane Fonda era!) and was a BC Recreation and Parks Association Trainer of Fitness Leaders from 1995 to 2017.
  • In 2016, I retired from 30 years of senior level policy, legislation and inter-governmental work for the Yukon government.
  • I have a BA (Geography) and Professional Teaching Certificate, both from 1980.

My world includes my husband Ross and daughter Kerstin, both of whom are kind, generous and just darn good people.  My expressive big black Canadian horse Shiraz also wants to be mentioned, as do our two happy cats Cisco and Max.  I love outdoor stuff, horsing around, animals, and learning and doing new and intriguing things.