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Council 7

Embody the Seven Directions

Real.  Practical. CONNECTION.

Connect to what is deeply important, to you.  The stuff that resonates.  The stuff that lands with truth and integrity – inside of YOU.

This is not about looking for “nice” or superficial stuff.  This is about you connecting to your deeply felt “you”.

Touch in to the complexity within you – all that you are, as a human, living in a body, on this earth.  And experience a physical, friendly, tangible connection of YOU to the earth and the ground that supports you.

This is powerful.    Welcome home.

~ ~ ~








Join us (Kerrin McIntosh, and Violet van Hees) for a weekend of exploring – outward, inward, and in action.

Open to your own knowledge and your ancient roots.  Embrace the power and depth and physicality of this remarkable experience you are in – of being a soul, living as a human in a body on this earth!

Throughout this weekend, we will engage in a set of 7 different teachings, expanding on the 7 Sacred Directions.  These directions are grounded in a number of deep traditions, dating back thousands of years.

As we develop each of the 7 Directions, in particular drawing from Blackfoot knowledge and teachings that Kerrin is deeply rooted in, an archetype and an animal helper will be revealed that are associated with each direction.  We will explore the nature and importance of both the light and the shadow of each of those archetypes, along with their animal Partners.

We will also weave in movement and action that connects you to your body, the ground, and the world around you – so that this new wisdom penetrates more deeply into your being – to a place where you begin to Own the teaching.

As you create some ownership of each archetype in your physical form, you will have the opportunity to experience – in Real Life – what that feels like, for you.

Through this process, you bring what you learn into your whole self – and anchor it within yourself – as a human, in a body, on this earth.

What’s in this for you:

  • Learn about the 7 directions – what they represent and how to use them for yourself
  • Discover gifts from the Animals – how to understand and apply their wisdom
  • Land these teachings in your body, through movement, connection and awareness – and
  • Make It Real, for your whole being, so that it goes home with you into your life and out into the world.

Why is this so important and powerful??

From Kerrin’s mentor (who comes from a tradition of give-away):

Until you embody a teaching, you can’t live it and you can’t give it away.

Embodying is a process, very much like eating a berry.  You take it in.  You digest it.  You eliminate what you don’t need.  And what remains –  is yours.  It gives you energy and life force that is yours to live – and express – and be – and engage in the world with.

This will be Seriously Fun!!

While there is some incredibly serious and powerful potential here, we are also going to have a blast.  We can FEEL the magic and fun building up already!   (And Violet’s spirit animals and guides have clearly indicated they plan to be there – because it’s going to be a Party!  That’s very good indication, we figure)


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