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Unlock your horse’s potential – with intelligence and kindness.

SPECIAL EVENT!  “Movement Freedom for Horse Riders” in Victoria, B.C.

Do you get tight and/or sore when you ride? Do you want to figure out “what to doShiraz Rippin' it 2 instead”, so that you can ride better – and have more fun?

  • Find more ease and comfort in your body and “seat”.
  • Release tightness that gets in your way and holds you back.
  • Discover the movement freedom you want, to make riding truly enjoyable!

Join Violet for two evenings (no horse required!) of exploration, insights, and new tools that you can use anytime to find more freedom and ease in your own body – on your horse, on the ground, in your life!

Dates:  Thursday October 1 and Tuesday October 6, 2015

Location:  #514 – 620 View Street, Victoria, B.C.

Cost:  $60

To REGISTER, click here and send me a note!


Release tightness and pain in your horse – and in you!

Change behaviour. Build confidence. Improve movement. Find more balance and ease.

Learn how to start, re-start, or work with your horse with kindness, and without fear or force.


Are you ready to build THIS kind of relationship with your horse?

Welcome to the Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Method (TTEAM)!

TTEAM nose and mouth work smallThrough simple, effective hands-on body work, help your horse release tightness, find ease, and develop a better sense of balance and body awareness.

Through the ground work and in the saddle, learn how to make it easy for your horse to come into balance, to understand and do what you are asking, and to learn to think rather than just react when faced with a challenge.

If your horse can understand what you are asking, thinks he or she can do it, and feels that what you are asking is a safe / non-threatening thing to do, your horse will be willing to try it out.

TTEAM neck ringYou become skilled at listening to your horse, and noticing his or her signals for when something is of concern.  By listening, and offering a new option that is of less concern which the horse can successfully do, your horse enjoys learning new things with you.

You get to work WITHOUT fear or force, and WITH kindness, clarity, and intelligence (your own, and that of your horse!).

This builds a strong foundation of rapport, and trust.  And, it’s fun!

Through this approach, horses often demonstrate lasting changes in personality, behaviour, confidence, and performance – along with an improved willingness and ability to learn.

~   ~   ~

I LOVE this work – and I think you will too!

To arrange a personal session, or to talk with me about organizing a clinic, click the button below:



“Violet is easy to work with. She makes the learning fun and do-able for everyone – no matter how much or how little experience they have. Her mix of Feldenkrais and Tellington TTouch works well, and her love for the horses and love of teaching is clear. Her clinic is great – I recommend it!”
Rebecca S., Ranch Owner, Horse Clinic Organizer, Life-long Horse Woman
“I really enjoyed working with you with horses and Feldenkrais. I was so excited and relieved to finally feel comfortable that my spine is a support and is flexible. Since being diagnosed 10 years ago with a herniated disc between L4-L5, I have guarded my spine quite a bit. And that guarding has affected my horseback riding in a negative way. Now, since you worked with me doing introductory Feldenkrais, I have had a chance to experience my spine as good support, not an injured thing. So, it is helping me feel more comfortable riding young and inexperienced horses. It helped a great deal when a couple of horses did U-turns on me. I feel that my spine is my friend, not my enemy.”
Linda E. , Nurse Practitioner and Instructor of Nurse Practitioners, Washington State University.
“This approach makes so much sense, for me and my horse!”
“Interesting and useful information – I learned a lot of new things I didn’t know”
“Delivered with enthusiasm!”
“It was great that I got to try out things, to experience how they work.”
Participant's in Violet's TTEAM Clinic
“Here are three things I really value about working with you. First – you listened very well and gave me specific answers to my questions/dilemmas so I learned from you how to approach the work. Second – you were unfailingly supportive and encouraged me to “just do the work” so you gave me confidence. Third – you reminded me to communicate positive messages and images to the animal so you helped me shape my attitude while doing the work. I hope that I will have the opportunity myself to mentor someone in the way you mentored me…”
Elizabeth V. , Tellington TTouch Equine Practitioner, New York State
“I first met Violet while at a TTouch & Connected Riding clinic for horses in Vernon, B.C. I had never experienced Feldenkrais before but it truly saved me from dropping out of the clinic! After riding my first day, holding my leg in an uncomfortable position I was shocked to find that tension had sent me into an episode of sciatic nerve pain that traveled up into a full blown migraine. Lucky for me, Violet offered to help. Right there on the lawn she started her magical work. The pain in my head lessened and I began to calm down. We followed up that night with a second session that completely rebooted my pain! I was able to ride pain free and enjoy my learning!”
Lisa S. , Horse rider and multi-talented individual, Colorado.
“Violet is very knowledgeable and skilled in Tellington TTouch for horses and riders. I recently attended 5-day TTEAM clinic for which she was an Assistant. Her manner was always helpful and patient and helped me feel more relaxed and comfortable. In fact, I often would turn to her first if I had a question because she was non-judgmental and showed a genuine desire to help us improve. She was also thorough and efficient in making sure we were doing the correct technique and had the horse’s welfare in the forefront. But even with corrections, I felt very comfortable with her because I perceive her personality to be “down-to-earth” and very honest and open. She also helped me tremendously with a Feldenkrais session.”
Jacqueline S. , Horse rider and former mean streets social worker, New Jersey.
“I met Violet and got introduced to Feldenkrais through our common interest of horses. Violet’s gentle ways of communication and willingness to explain and show movement for both horses and humans impressed me. I had a sore shoulder and I decided to get a session with Violet and she explained how the body moves that part and showed me how the body can move and start to heal itself. It was impressive as I believe that if we all try in our minds to be a better person physically and mentally, it will guide us there. My shoulder now moves as it should! Thanks Violet! You are the best! And you have taught me to look after my horse also.”
Elena K. , IT specialist and Icelandic horse owner, Vancouver B.C.
Unique leading positions for balance and awareness.
Riding with a TTEAM neck ring, for awareness and release.
Tail work to release the back - and the poll.
Using the labyrinth, preparing for free work.

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