Learning by “Getting a Sense of” Something

Have you ever watched a person or animal move, when they do something in a way that really catches your attention - and then you started to kind of move like that too?? Maybe it's something about how they walk, or run. Maybe it's a great dance move - and they have a special way [...]

Learning by “Getting a Sense of” Something2017-08-08T01:57:33+00:00

Notice SENSATIONS – to Move Better

Sensing things. Sensing what is actually here, right here, right now. Simply NOTICING what the sensations are. This is how your body talks. It just needs someone to be there ready to listen :-) Noticing what you are sensing is a remarkably interesting and effective way to listen to what your body has to say. [...]

Notice SENSATIONS – to Move Better2017-06-27T13:26:58+00:00

Working with Fear: Choice, Movement, and Listening

When something feels scary, learning can be very difficult. In fact, if the fear is big enough to trigger a fight, flight or freeze response, learning STOPS.  Then you are in survival mode, and no new learning will happen - except, perhaps, learning that this thing you are doing is too darn scary and you [...]

Working with Fear: Choice, Movement, and Listening2017-05-24T00:26:38+00:00

Learn Faster: Notice Differences – and How You Got There

How do you know that a "released" jaw is better than a "tight" jaw?    "Are you KIDDING ME?" you ask... "it FEELS better!!" But how would you KNOW that one feels better than the other, if you had never felt both???   If you had not at some time felt what "tight" is like, and had [...]

Learn Faster: Notice Differences – and How You Got There2017-04-29T05:06:32+00:00

Is there a Dragon in Your Nervous System??

Well, I got a clear "voice" inside me saying "OK - time to do THIS video!". Which was PERFECT, given the topic of the video!! Because here, I am inviting you to meet and greet the Neighbourhood of voices within you, that have Things To Say.  Because, based on many years of experience, it seems [...]

Is there a Dragon in Your Nervous System??2017-04-11T16:45:46+00:00

Improving Faster: Willpower vs. Exploring

"If I just push harder, this is going to work BETTER!!" Know that feeling? Will power.  We are taught that it is Good For Us, and that we should Exercise More Willpower, if we want to Do Things Better. But here's the thing:  when you push harder, LEARNING STOPS.  You simply do more of what [...]

Improving Faster: Willpower vs. Exploring2017-03-26T15:23:39+00:00

Improve Faster! Listen to what your BODY has to say :-)

Are you tight, or sore?  Trying to get better at something that you do? Here's a tip:  if what your want to improve is something physical, ASK YOUR BODY what feels good and useful and like a good fit, as you "work on it". In this video, I use the example of a hockey player [...]

Improve Faster! Listen to what your BODY has to say :-)2017-03-12T23:55:23+00:00