Return to Good Function after Injury or Surgery

Return to Good Function after Injury or Surgery

How timely!

I just got clearance to take off my air cast, after foot surgery in September.  Yahoooooo!  So, this is a perfect time to explore with you how to help yourself return to GOOD function, after an injury or surgery 🙂

Your whole body is wired to keep you safe, and keep you going.  This means a couple of important things:

  • while you are injured, your body will brace and compensate in ways designed to keep the injured area as still as possible – so that the tissue can heal.  Smart body!
  • and then – AFTER your tissue has healed – you need to actively help your body REDISCOVER GOOD FUNCTION, by EXPERIENCING that something other than the compensating pattern is now available, and that it feels safe, and reasonable, and useful.

The thing is, our bodies learn.  And adapt.  And if your body has adapted to taking care of you for an injury – it needs to be offered the opportunity to adapt AGAIN to what it can do once the tissue is healed.

If you don’t do that, your body is likely to keep on doing the compensating pattern – because it was a Really Good Idea to do that when you were injured – so you body may figure “if it was good then, I will just keep on doing it!”.

Only by offering your body the experience of something that works – and is sensed as – being even better than that compensating pattern, will your body sense whether this new different thing is good, and perhaps even better now.  And if it DOES sense it is better, then your smart body will start to seek it out more often.

My experience (for myself, and with the people and animals I work with), is that the new stuff opens up faster, and easier, if it is offered in a way that feels safe, and reasonable, to YOU.  

This means: noticing what range of movement feels easy, and gradually gently carefully GROWING WHAT IS EASY.  

This is (and feels) very different from pushing through… pushing through pain, pushing through your body tightening up because it is concerned.

Check out this video to learn more 🙂


Happy Exploring –


About the Author:

Violet van Hees is a movement freedom specialist who works with people (and with horses) to release tightness and pain, and to transform body "stuckness" into something that you can work with. We then use what emerges to create new freedom and ease in your movement and in what you do, in ways that feel safe and reasonable - and that work - for you. Violet is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner, and a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders. She works with a deep interest in and understanding of biomechanics, neuroplasticity, body response to trauma, energy work, and how we learn.

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