Strong Safe Shoulders: Shoulder Blade as “Chair” for your Arm Bone

Strong Safe Shoulders: Shoulder Blade as “Chair” for your Arm Bone

Welcome to Part 1 of 3 cool little videos I am making for you, about how to have Strong Safe Shoulders.

Ready to learn more about how to feel great in YOUR shoulders?? Let’s go!

This series looks at how your shoulder area can be strong, mobile – and feel good – all at the same time. And helping you to discover THAT kind of strength makes me happy 🙂

Here, in Part 1, we have a good look at the bony anatomy of the shoulder region – and in particular, the shoulder blade (your scapula).  It’s rather weird and intricate – and interesting!

In particular, I show you something that seems to explain a lot, and make a whole lot of sense, for the people I work with – to help them get a much better sense of how the shoulder works – and what helps it to work WELL (vs. get stuck, painful, injured… etc.)

Here it is: the shoulder blade (scapula) actually works like a “chair” for your arm bone. And as long that chair moves around so that it stays lined up under the head of the arm bone so that the arm bone can sit in that bony support – the shoulder works well.

But… if that “chair” gets stuck (like, hunched up by your neck)… well, that’s when things can go badly, eh.  That’s when things happen like – rotator cuff injury, shoulder pain, neck and shoulder tightness, loss of range of motion, loss of strength…. all of which is definitely Not Fun!!

Come have a quick look at this amazing region of your skeleton – so that you can have a better sense of how it works, and how to work WITH your body (instead of against it) to get what you want – for YOUR shoulders.

You will also learn a very simple way to get to know your shoulder blades a bit – and figure out just what they are up to.  Because, well, they are kind of hiding out, “back there”, eh. So, how DO you find out what they are up to?? You are about to find out. 🙂

Please, as always, explore gently, within what is comfortable and feels safe – for YOU. This is how your body learns quickest – and best. (In contrast, pushing too hard, or doing too much too soon, pretty well guarantees a speedy retreat of your body back to what it knows and had been doing up till now!!)

Happy gentle exploring – your shoulders and neck will LOVE you for this!




About the Author:

Violet van Hees is a movement freedom specialist who works with people (and with horses) to release tightness and pain, and to transform body "stuckness" into something that you can work with. We then use what emerges to create new freedom and ease in your movement and in what you do, in ways that feel safe and reasonable - and that work - for you. Violet is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner, and a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders. She works with a deep interest in and understanding of biomechanics, neuroplasticity, body response to trauma, energy work, and how we learn.