For Strength: Spread Out the Work, and Go Get “The Big Guys”

For Strength: Spread Out the Work, and Go Get “The Big Guys”

Spring is here! I can tell, because the swans and geese are flying overhead – AND I was able to get my canoe into the lake and up into Miles Canyon this past weekend. YIPPEEEEEE!  (This is all happening unusually early this year, after an oddly warm winter here in Yukon.)

Every spring, as I load and unload my canoe, I am so very thankful that I have the strength to do that. Because I love solo paddling, I need to be able to do solo canoe lifting too eh 🙂

And I assure you, my strength is NOT due to me having big beefy biceps and shoulders. (Because I don’t!) It IS due to me being reasonably good at using all of myself to do the task at hand.

In this video, I introduce and demonstrate (in what I am doing) two key movement principles that help make us strong:
– “spread out the work”, and
– “send the big work to the big guys” (i.e. the biggest bones and muscles in your body – which are the bones and muscles around the pelvis/lower back/legs).

I first posted this video last spring. However, it’s got such great spring themes, I am posting it again. 🙂

When you make good use of the long movement pathways in your body, you harness the strength and movement of ALL those bones and muscles involved.

Want some of that? Check out the video.

Then I invite you to go be curious – how could you spread out the work, and connect into your body’s powerhouse bones and muscles, in something that you do??

(Remember to explore gently – check things out a little bit at a time, to see what works – and what doesn’t – for your body, eh. Small successful steps add up rather quickly to something new and big. But one big bad move that was too much, too soon, can set you way back for a long time!)

Happy exploring!


About the Author:

Violet van Hees is a movement freedom specialist who works with people (and with horses) to release tightness and pain, and to transform body "stuckness" into something that you can work with. We then use what emerges to create new freedom and ease in your movement and in what you do, in ways that feel safe and reasonable - and that work - for you. Violet is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner, and a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders. She works with a deep interest in and understanding of biomechanics, neuroplasticity, body response to trauma, energy work, and how we learn.