A Tip for Walking on Slippery Ground…!

A Tip for Walking on Slippery Ground…!

T’is the season – for snow, and winter fun, and…. slippery ground!

Here, in this video, is one great tip for how to feel more safe – and move better – on icy (or muddy!) ground. This tip invites you to … imagine having feet like a cat 🙂

Find out why, and how, in this wee video, shot “on site” in a winter wonderland.

Then go exploring and have some fun of your own, being curious about whether this tip makes a difference – for you.

This is all about “curiosity makes you smart like a cat”, eh 🙂

Happy exploring –


About the Author:

Violet van Hees is a movement freedom specialist who works with people (and with horses) to release tightness and pain, and to transform body "stuckness" into something that you can work with. We then use what emerges to create new freedom and ease in your movement and in what you do, in ways that feel safe and reasonable - and that work - for you. Violet is a Feldenkrais® Practitioner, a Tellington TTouch® Equine Practitioner, and a BCRPA Trainer of Fitness Leaders. She works with a deep interest in and understanding of biomechanics, neuroplasticity, body response to trauma, energy work, and how we learn.

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