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Welcome!  There are a number of ways to work with me.


Personalized sessions:

  • Working one-on-one with me allows us to tune in to your specific issue or interest, and  “fast track” your learning so that you can create the movement freedom you want for the things you do.

Group Classes and Workshops:

  • In the classes and workshops, explore how to open up your movement so that you have more freedom, ease, comfort and strength!
  • These ain’t no exercise classes 🙂  They ARE fun, unusual, and intriguing.
  • Take what you learn here and apply in whatever it is YOU like to do:  running, yoga, playing with your kids, singing, sports… and all that you do as you live, play and work.


Personal sessions with your horse and you:

  • Through gentle, effective, intelligent work with your horse and yourself, help your horse to release tightness, build confidence, change behaviour, and love working with you!  Supports all riding disciplines.


  • Learn effective, intelligent and kind ways to work with your horse.
  • Learn from the full range of experiences of everyone participating. Horses learn quickly and well around other horses.  So do humans 🙂
  • I can offer a mix of Tellington TTouch as well Feldenkrais activities, depending on what the group wants to focus on.
  • You – and your horse – will love what you learn, how you learn it, and how good it all feels.