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When you know what you are doing,

you can do what you want.

Moshe Feldenkrais

Move Better.  Feel Better.  Do Stuff Better!

Our daily movements – as well as the ways in which we are tight and LIMIT our movements – are built on body habits and preferences built over our lifetime.

We are often oblivious of the habits that limit us – and how they limit us.  This is why, for example, sit-ups are very difficult for some people – yet they are easy for others.  It’s often not a lack of strength that limits you – instead, it may be HOW you do it that makes it hard.

The good news is, these habits can change.  You can create easier, better movement – at any age!

In these classes and events with me, discover how smart your body is, and how you can release patterns and replace them with movement that feels good – and WORKS – for YOU.  Without strain.  With fun.  With results that you can take out into the world and use right away.

This is neuroplasticity IN ACTION.  These classes and events guide you in intriguing ways to tap into the intelligence of your own nervous system, to create choice.

Your body LOVES feeling good, and LOVES choice.  Ready to create that for yourself?


Unlock your body and open your world!  Build a solid foundation for whatever it is you like to do.


  • Tired of being tight and sore?
  • Wondering why stretching has not helped you much?
  • Wanting to understand more about WHY you get tight – and what your body needs before it can release tightness?
  • Ready to experience freer movement – without strain, and without tedious exercises?
  • Ready to discover and run with your own ability to create good changes for yourself?

Then these Feldenkrais classes are for you!

Feldenkrais® classes at Lighthouse Community Centre in Qualicum Bay!

Are you ready to move better?  Feel better?? Do what YOU want, better???

I am VERY pleased to be offering a series of 10 Feldenkrais® classes, in Qualicum Bay, open to anyone who is interested. These are drop-in classes, so you can come check out one class, or all of them.

Here are the details:

When: Tuesday evenings, 7 to 8 p.m., from March 12 to May 14, 2019.

Where:  L’Heureux room, in Lighthouse Community Centre.  Address: 240 Lions Way, Qualicum Bay, BC V9K 2E2

Cost:  Between $5 and $12 per class, your choice how much.

What to bring:  Your curiosity!  Wear clothes you can move freely in.  Please bring a mat if you have one.

Note: I also offer individual sessions from my home studio, if you want to address something specific to you. Please get in touch, if this sounds like something for you.


Client Experiences

“I just feel so much lighter when I leave here. Everything moves so much better! It puts a spring in my step. It’s fantastic!”
Ruth K. , Curler and outdoor enthusiast, Kelowna, B.C.
“Learning body awareness through Feldenkrais has helped me through long-standing aches and pains that I used to feel helpless to deal with.”
Wynne K. , Writer and publisher, Whitehorse, Yukon.
“Every day, I use things that I learned from you. I have absolutely no doubt that Feldenkrais and you have provided a great many positive changes in my physical well being. Thanks for your upbeat optimism and acceptance. Both are very important components of why your Feldenkrais is such a good fit for me.”
Leola B. , Whitehorse, Yukon.




  • Feeling stuck or limited in your ability to do what you want, and move the way you want go?
  • Looking to figure out the root causes of that stuckness, rather than just dealing with the symptoms?
  • Totally READY to experience what YOU can do to transform that stuckness into fun,liberation, aliveness, and new choices?
  • And eager to learn in ways that feel SAFE and make SENSE in your body?

In these enlivening and “power-full” workshops, you will explore your smart body, your strength, and your ability to create more freedom and vitality in what you do.

Create and step into the goodness and choice you want for yourself!



Are your shoulders tight and/or weak?  Is reaching up hard, or painful?  Do you have shoulder pain, or recurring shoulder injuries?  Then THESE WORKSHOPS ARE FOR YOU!

Part 1 – Shoulder Blades as the “Chair” for your Arm Bone 
Learn and experience how your shoulder blades are KEY to helping your shoulders be strong, and to move freely and comfortably.  Lots of people I have worked with have loved how much better they feel and move, once they understand their shoulders in this way!  This is applied anatomy and biomechanics, explained like no-one else does.
Saturday, October 14, 2017 from  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.   $40
To see a blog video I did that will give you an idea of the kinds of things we will be covering, click here.
Part 2 – Strength and Comfort by sending the work “THROUGH
Your shoulders are designed to send work from the arms THROUGH to the bigger muscles and bones in your back, lower back and pelvis.  If instead, work is getting stuck in the shoulder and/or the neck… well, that’s when you get pain, weakness, and tight neck and shoulders!!  Learn and experience HOW to connect through, so that you can find solid, safe-feeling, comfortable strength and movement. Great for sports, yoga, and life!  (Yes, you can take Part 2 without taking Part 1, but you will gain more if you take both, eh.)
Saturday, October 28, 2017 from  10:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon.   $40


  • Click on the button below and send me a note to let me know which workshop(s) you want to attend;
  • Or if you prefer, phone me at 867-633-3154 or 867-335-1956 (cell).



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