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Refine your movement to maximize your power, strength and agility.

Effective movement in sports is all about smooth, clear, efficient transitions from one point in the movement to another.  It’s also about the ability to adapt in a versatile way to a changing environment. kerstinburnett_WOC2013LongQual 2

I guide  you to become aware of how you do what you do – and then to explore options which take less effort and yet provide you with improved movement and results.

Through this work, you can do the following, without strain or excessive repetition:

  • improve your range of motion
  • develop clear support through your skeleton to improve strength and power
  • improve balance, precision, and coordination
  • clean out excessive or unnecessary effort, so that you can work more efficiently and with greater ease
  • improve your ability to change direction quickly and easily
  • develop smoother, faster responses.

The aim is to help you be able to respond to your environment quickly, powerfully, and ready for anything!