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“Life is not very sweet without freedom of choice.  The more ways you have to do the things you do, the freer is your choice.”  Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais Method ™  opens your world by guiding you to discover new ways to move and do what you do – with more ease, comfort, agility, and strength.

Are you a self-motivated, “get things done” kind of person who is suffering with pain or tightness (or who is recovering from an injury or surgery) that gets in your way and holds you back?

Through Feldenkrais, I can help you to transform from that pain and tightness, to movement FREEDOM where you discover:

  • easy strength, without strain;
  • less pain and tightness;
  • more comfort; and
  • free and easy movement.

Imagine…. easier, freer:

  • yoga
  • running
  • golf
  • lifting up your kids
  • putting your bike or canoe on the car roof rack
  • paddling
  • gardening
  • singing

… what’s YOUR thing you would like to do with more freedom and ease?

Through connecting to your own body’s intelligence and understanding your own movement and how it works for you in different situations, you expand your “movement repertoire”. tai chi on the beach

Once you have created that kind of movement choice for yourself, you are no longer locked into one habitual way of holding yourself and doing things.  Instead, you can meet whatever the world tosses at  you – adeptly and with grace.

That kind of choice = FREEDOM!

So, what happens in Feldenkrais™ classes and sessions??

Through the Feldenkrais Method ™, you are invited to explore how you move , gently and with attention.  You are offered non-habitual ways to do things, so that you become aware of your habits and can test out something different to see how that works for you.

As a key element of this work, you continually check in with your OWN experience, to notice what

  • feels comfortable,
  • feels safe, and
  • WORKS for you.

In this way, your body learns easily and quickly, because your body is designed to learn from your own experience.   (Clever ideas are nice, but the truth of your own experience is what matters most, as far as your body is concerned!)

Feldenkrais sessions are generally offered in two ways:3 in Z sit small

Group Awareness Through Movement™ Classes:  These classes are verbally led sequences of gentle movement, designed to help you notice what you do, and explore new options – often leading to surprising insights and end points.  The classes are fun, intriguing, and not at all like exercise classes!

Individual Functional Integration™ Sessions: ViandAngelaFI.compressed These individual sessions are tailored just for you, so that we can focus on what you would like to be able to do with more freedom and ease.  The sessions usually involve a mix of hands-on guidance to help you explore, as well as verbal instruction.

Would you like to know more?  Contact me below – I’d be pleased to talk with you further!

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