The following are key features that distinguish what I offer compared to many other modalities that address body tightness and pain:

  • in addition to helping you to experience relief and relaxation, I guide you to experience the essential next step that very few others providehow move into real-life action while keeping that new-found ease, and being able to recreate it on your own.
  • FI working with leg and hip smallYou will release tightness and pain, and find easier strength, not through stretching and strain and beefing up your muscles. Rather, you will learn how to let your bones do what bones do best:  support weight, and transmit force.  Then your muscles can simply do what they do best, which is:  line up the bones (instead of trying to do what bones do better).  THIS is what allows your body to be strong, comfortable, and mobile – all at the same time.
  • I speed your learning and change by guiding you to experience what you can do, rather than your limitations.  When you move in ways that feel comfortable and safe, your body learns quickly and efficiently.  This is different from pushing to find out what hurts and what you can’t do – which makes your body more resistant to learning and change.
  • Your body is smart.  You learn and change more quickly when offered unusual or novel experiences that feel safe, than when you do repetitive exercises over and over.  I offer you interesting, non-habitual movement explorations that keep your body and mind curious and engaged.
  • I guide you to listen to your body, and pay attention to what it is telling you.  Through this, you develop the confidence and knowledge to become your own expert on what feels right – and WORKS – for you.   And really, who could possibly be a better expert about what you sense and feel – that you??  Welcome home.

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